Tableau makes it easy to find the cause and effect relationships

 DIGR helps you stop the bleeding in your business 

We work with some of the world’s leading companies.

Here are some example of how we can help you

Rishi Kumar talks about how Tableau is integral to Unilever’s decision making process

Karl Riddett on how Tableau helps grow the topline and save money at Arby’s.


Intuitive Data Visualization

Humans aren’t designed to read grids of numbers. Yet many tools are made with a crosstab mindset that makes it difficult to analyze data. 

Our brains are great at recognizing patterns in colors and shapes.

Tableau shifts the paradigm to make it easy for everyone to understand their data.


Fast & Simple

Say goodbye to reports that take hours to run.  

Dashboards shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to return answers.

And they shouldn’t take months to build.

And they should be easy for everyone to use.

See how easy it can be

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