Capital One: Enabling the Future of Banking with Snowflake

Video Transcript – Linda Apsley, VP of Data Engineering at Capital One

Capital one has been making a major transformation in our technology and in our customer experiences over the last few years.

The big push for us has been to move to the cloud. From a technology perspective, there’s really a business imperative behind that and that business imperative is to be able to give personalized, unique experiences to our customers.

We believe we’re just at the beginning of that banking revolution at capital one, we have developed this concept and idea of finding the fit for purpose solution and we were looking for a solution that would give us this high concurrency because we have a large number of data users.

Our data science community is very strong and robust, so concurrency not only of our users but for our many applications was really important.

We needed to scale out to be able to handle complex queries very quickly and we found that snowflake deliver that for us. And I think the other one that is equally important and may be very top of mind for many people is this resiliency.

So being able to set up our system in a resilient fashion on snowflake so we can fail over from the east to the West and give our customers that extra protection. It was really important to us.

We are very excited about this dashboard for our customers that we’ll do a couple of things, the different lines of business who are running applications on our system.

We’ll be able to see a dashboard that helps them understand the data flows, where there’s problems and we want to be able to integrate machine learning into that as well and be able to detect problems. And then the second thing that it does for us is it provides this metering.

And so we want our businesses to be able to see how much they’re spending and get the value out of it that they want in a way that they can’t understand at capital one we are really excited about the future of banking and the opportunities that technology gives us to give customers this personalized experience.

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