Bringing rapid decision making to the world’s top companies

DIGR makes your company data-driven

The world is changing quickly. Don’t be left behind. 

In a competitive world where starts-ups disrupt big organizations, being agile is more important than being big.


The fuel behind an agile organization is data as it allows you to take fast and accurate decisions.


This allows you to take advantage of opportunities and prevent competitors from encroaching on your position.

We use big data, data analysis and visualization to empower your organization take fast and accurate decisions on all levels. 


This means you can stop relying on HiPPOs (highest paid person’s opinion) and instead, empower everyone, from your junior managers to your top executive to take decisions are in the best interest of your organization. 

We help you make the switch from hunches and instincts to data-driven decisions. Decisions that can happen in days or hours as opposed to weeks or months.

How can we find waste, fraud, and abuse in your Business?



Optimize your production lines

Banking and Lending

Manage default risk, weed out inefficiencies, and find new market opportunities


Find fraud, mitigate claims risk

Cloud Analytics

Tap endless cloud resources and put an end to your performance issues

Managed Cloud Datawarehousing

Say goodbye to software and infrastructure. We manage everything.

DIGR | Data Analytics done right

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